Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I did it

Yep, you got it. You can call me Nurse Alexis now. Phewwww! I think I'm still on an adrenaline rush and it's been several hours since I gave Maia her first shot at home. It went great. In fact, best shot she's had since all this stuff started - and by that I mean there was just a little tiny bit of crying and she had basically forgotten about it within a few minutes. I don't expect that every time, but I know this is the best way for Maia and for all of us. Thanks to my nurse friends and family for their advice, my mom for her encouragement, and Maia's nurse at her ped office for all her help. I did my first shot last week at the doctor's office, and it went well, but I knew today's shot would be a big mental hurdle too - having to do it here at home without the nurse. Chris was the holder, I was the poker, Sofia provided singing entertainment. Lots of hugs all around afterward.
I started a little shirt for Maia on Saturday. It's going really fast, which is nice after that year-long sweater. I saw it first at JC Handmade, but the pattern is here.
I added a little ribbing on the sleeve to keep it from rolling and will probably do the same at the bottom. Next issue is that I will probably run out of yarn. Oops. I was trying to use something in my stash but miscalculated how much I had. Unfortunately, this yarn came from a shop in LA. So, we'll see what I decide to do about all that...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Move it along, move it along

nothing to see here. Been busy.

Doing art? Well, a little. I'm enjoying using some watercolor pencils in a little hand-bound watercolor paper book my mom picked up on one of her travels. Nothing to share yet though.

Knitting? A smidge. Finishing up some fingerless gloves just in time for our transition from winter to summer. Some people call it spring.

We're mostly recovered from last week's treatment at UCLA for Maia - it's a hard week - no two ways about it. I'm so glad to have family that is willing to help out. Three weeks to mentally prepare for the next one.

Trying to stay on top of the seemingly millions of "Processed Claim Reports" that we're getting from the insurance company. Got one yesterday which show a $920 lab charge that was not covered. Something so unsettling about seeing "You owe provider: $920" I knew there must be a mistake. Right? It must be a mistake. Please let it be a mistake. So 3 phone calls and half and hour later, I think we have that one cleared up - maybe. Until next month when the same exact charge comes through...

I've been practicing giving shots to lemons. I hope to start giving Maia her shots myself maybe next week. Next week. Maybe.

Oh yeah. And the job search. That's still going on too. I feel like I was in a game of musical chairs, and the music stopped and here I am still standing. Crap.